How B2B can boost revenue using Social Media

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How B2B can boost revenue using Social Media

Social media can be an effective marketing tool for B2B brands, especially if you are interested in increasing website traffic. To increase traffic, you have to be actively involved in the creation of profiles. The use of social media is inexpensive but it demands a long-term strategy.

There are several techniques B2B companies can rely on to maximize the effects of social media marketing and to generate targeted traffic. Here are some of the most important rules to keep in mind.

Statistics Prove the Efficiency of Social Networking for B2B Websites

B2B businesses yield better results from social media marketing than B2C brands. B2C brands receive traffic from five main social networking venues. On the other hand, B2B brands get website traffic from at least nine social channels.

In the case of B2C website traffic generation, Facebook is the single major source with 74 percent of the traffic. The B2B website increase in traffic is much more diversified. Facebook is still the leader but it represents solely 36 percent of the overall traffic.

Business Leaders Use Social Networks

Some B2B professionals believe that social networking is suitable only in the case of B2C interactions. The truth is that business owners, managers, and decision makers use networking websites, as well.

Active social network involvement will give you an opportunity to reach these people and to deliver your message. If you manage to do it in a consistent and professional way, you will get them interested and willing to visit your website. Business managers can be reached using general social media like Facebook or more specialized platforms like LinkedIn.

Building a Community

 Creating relationships with your customers and prospects is also vitally important to increase traffic. Social networking allows you to do precisely that.

The creation of a group or a community dedicated to a particular professional topic or industry is the perfect option for delivering your message and promoting your website. B2B interactions on social networks can be dynamic and beneficial for both parties involved. The content you choose for the group and the manner in which you respond to inquiries will both be determining for the traffic increase you will experience.

Regular Updates Build Traffic and Improve SEO

Social network marketing is a great option for B2B brands because it delivers multiple benefits. When looking for ways to increase traffic, you will also be enhancing brand popularity and you will be improving the search engine optimization of your website.

SEO is another incredibly important internet marketing tool. A website that ranks among the top search engine results for keywords of preference gets much more traffic than competitors.

Regular profile updates and sharing interesting website links will lead to a consistent, long-term traffic increase. The more involved you are, the better your website’s search engine positioning will get, as well.


To make the most of this B2B marketing possibility, you have to come up with a strategy. Simply building a Facebook page without having a particular promotional focus will deprive you of the opportunity to do targeting and reach the right audience.

Identify the specifics of the audience, its interests and the type of content you should share to increase engagement. These preliminary steps will help you determine all aspects of the campaign. The good news is that the majority of social networks have analytics tools that can help you assess whether the performance of the campaign is satisfactory.

Social media can deliver numerous benefits for B2B brands. Traffic generation, though important, is just one of the advantages. There are many channels to rely on, allowing for the creation of a diversified strategy for traffic increase and brand establishment

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