Revenue Generation vs Digital Marketing

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Revenue Generation vs Digital Marketing

Do you perceive Marketing as a Cost Center or as an Earning’s Center? If you said “cost center,” you’re missing out on a big opportunity. Don’t feel bad, though; for a long time, Marketing has been seen as just that—a mandatory but extortionate part of doing business.

Earning? How could Marketing actually contribute to that?

But time is changing fast, Buyers are much more self-educated than they were 10 years ago (or even 10 months ago). They’re Internet savvy, and they’re turning to social media and communities, including LinkedIn and Twitter, to see the perception of people about brands.

They’re so well – informed, in fact, that many business buyers have already made a decision about what they’re going to buy even before talking to a vendor.

Sales needs to adapt in response if it’s going to be on equal footing with the buyer. Luckily, Marketing has a wealth of knowledge at its disposal to help Sales do just that.

 Marketing can entitle sales reps to be as informed as buyers are so that Sales knows exactly where the buyers are and can help them move forward in their journey toward a buy.

In short, Marketing can help sales reps to better do their job and, in turn, it can actually have an impact on revenue generation.

Make a shift in your existing culture:

Before you can use marketing to generate revenue, you’ll need to bring about a similar shift in culture. Marketing needs to be seen as an equal partner to Sales. Sales need to be made aware of the dramatic shift in buyer aptitude, and Marketing needs to step in and do some of the heavy lifting.

You’ll be better able to fuse your Sales and Marketing organizations if you do the following:

Free-Flowing Exchange of Information: Sales and Marketing fulfill unique roles, and you can’t have one without the other. But there’s no need for them to exist in separate organizational silos. You need to break down the barriers between the two to facilitate the free-flowing exchange of information between the two teams.

Manifest  Marketing’s value: Marketing is home to a wealth of information on the buyer that could benefit Sales. If you’re having a hard time getting buy-in from Sales, unearth some of the data you’ve collected on buyers and prove just how valuable that information really is.

Educate sales reps: Whether your sales reps are social media savvy or living-in-the-90s, it’s Marketing’s job to educate them, to provide them with enough info so that they are at least as knowledgeable as the buyer. That way, when leads come in, Sales will be better equipped to guide buyers through their journey.

Take the proper steps, fuse both teams, and Marketing can have a straight impact on revenue generation. Complete synergy won’t happen overnight; however, by providing valuable information and getting sales reps up to speed with buyers, reps will be better equipped to guide buyers on their journey. Make that process smooth enough, and Marketing will be seen as a key player in revenue generation.

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