Mobile – A new generation Identity tool

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Mobile – A new generation Identity tool

Identity management is essential to authentication, encryption and user activity policy.
Mobile identity management is the natural advancement of what’s historically been called AAA: authentication, authorization and accounting, three of the fundamental mechanisms of any effective IT security strategy.

Nowadays a wide-ranging of new identity and access management products and services introduced, compelled in large part by the wireless LAN industry. This is possibly to be expected; after all, Wi-Fi has become the principal network access for almost everyone today, and smartphones and tablets don’t provide any mechanisms to connect to wired networks.

A One-Time-Password (OTP) Tokens go beyond simple static passwords to provide organizations an easy way to increase trust in a user’s identity and grant them appropriate access

OTP tokens for greater flexibility and convenience

One-Time Password Tokens provide strong authentication while offering simple and secure deployment and activation. The broad range of Tokens for convenient access to one-time passwords (OTP) on Devices.

Mobile devices becoming an era of new identity management tool, where individual identify through the Mobile. Integration of Mobile with identity and access management tool enables the
Identification process.

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