Security Assessment Service

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Security Assessment Service

How would a real-world attacker compromise your network? Our complete Security Assessments aim to reply this question, quantifying your stage of cyber risk, testing compliance and presenting a baseline for security across your business.

Embodying the attitude and methodology of actual hackers, Sense Post’s specialists will strive to breach your organization’s defenses, enter your community and retrieve integral information assets. Taking an extra formal and systematic method than in common penetration tests, our moral hackers will divulge a point-in-time snapshot of your security posture that unmasks any and all exploitable vulnerabilities. Whether our assessments take the standpoint of a hacker backyard or within your network, we will ensure your business knows the assault strategies and strategies most likely to be used – and how to mitigate towards them.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduced risk: Comprehensive evaluations will increase the chance of discovering any protection problems before a hacker does.
  • Improved application resilience: Testing from the criminal’s views highlight weaknesses hackers look for.
  • Exhaustive testing: Experienced security consultant’s assessment the application from a hacker’s perspective.
  • Verified and prioritized: Exploitable vulnerabilities verified through professional analysts with clear recommendation on remediation that priorities essential vulnerabilities.

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