Blue Team Testing Approach

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Blue Team Testing Approach

A blue group is like a red group in that it likewise surveys organize security and recognizes any conceivable vulnerabilities.

Be that as it may, what makes a blue group diverse is that once a red group mirrors an assailant and assaults with trademark strategies and methods, a blue group is there to discover approaches to safeguard, change and re-bunch barrier instruments to make episode reaction a lot more grounded.

Like a red group, a blue group should know about the equivalent harmful strategies, systems and techniques so as to construct reaction procedures around them. What’s more, blue group movement isn’t selective to assaults. They’re constantly included to fortify the whole computerized security foundation, utilizing programming like an ID (interruption recognition framework) that furnishes them with a progressing investigation of unordinary and suspicious action.

A portion of the means a blue group consolidates are:

  • Security reviews, for example, a DNS review
  • Log and memory examination
  • Pcap
  • Hazard insight information examination
  • Advanced impression examination
  • Figuring out
  • DDoS testing
  • Creating hazard situations

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