Web Application Security Testing

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Web Application Security Testing

Web application security testing is basic to ensuring both your applications and your association. Your web applications are probably going to be the #1 assault vector for malevolent people looking to break your security resistances. Accessible to client’s day in and day out, web applications are the least demanding focus for programmers looking for access to secret back-end information.

Web application security testing arrangements are promptly accessible, yet most require a critical capital interest in equipment or programming. Many web application testing apparatuses are hard to utilize and difficult to keep overhauled – a basic need in a quick developing risk scene. Also, for some product improvement groups, including web application security testing innovation to the product advancement process is dangerous, as it very well may be a delay forceful lifecycle due dates.


Different types of security tests:-

Dynamic Application Security Test (DAST)

Static Application Security Test (SAST)

Penetration Test

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