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Infopercept 2019 News

Jan 3rd, 2019 - Throughout our journey we were in constant talks & discussion with CIO, CISO & CTO to find out about the problems that was most critical & persistent for them. After going through most of the discussion results we found out that these organizational security experts all had one common pressing problems,

They had to constantly battle against a notion in the management that was more of a passive protection of having a minimalistic security infrastructure & framework in place to ward of the potential security threats.

So when the real security incidents or SOS did occur, only then they approached the cybersecurity experts and upgraded their Security infrastructure. In essence they were looking for a proactive security framework where the threats and security attacks were stopped so that they didn’t have to reach the critical SOS stage where to approach the cybersecurity.

There are so many Cybersecurity Solutions & Compliances in the security domain. But the real challenge for the organizations & Businesses Big & Small is to ascertain which solution and compliance actually matters to them and is needed. In other words what should make up their Cybersecurity Journey.

To solve this problem Infopercept came up with the innovative idea of SOS(Secure, Optimize & Strengthen) for the SOS associated with security breaches. Making sure an organization is proactively upgrading its security infrastructure in alignment with the current Cyberthreats and security trends.6