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Infopercept 2019 News

June 3rd, 2019 - For an organization to perform they need to answer a lot of questions regarding:

  • Compliances
  • Processes
  • Risk Management
  • Technology standards

To satisfy the criteria for above an organization or Business puts in place different departments for each of the above features.

But the problems that the organization faces is that all of these different department work in Xylos, or in other words separately & exclusively from each other. This prevents them from coordinating & integrating more effectively with each other for handling the compliance problems of the Business.

We as a Company not just advertise but also understand the importance of Compliance certifications and their proper implementation and effectiveness. As such we have got ourselves complied with ISO 20000.

Thereby, we introduced the idea of a Compliance Optimization Centre which has compliance auditors and experts to successfully implement, enforce and certify your Business or Organization with a Compliance that matters to you. As not all compliances are really needed for a particular type and scale of your venture.