Decoding what 3S IP is and how it can be used

On September 3, 2021

It is a well known fact that cyber threats, attacks and breaches keep changing their attack styles which has led to a full scale Digital Warfare. The pandemic has worsened the situation. Infopercept believes in adapting to the rapid changes in the cyber world by continuously studying and changing the strategies needed to counter the cyber attacks.

According to Mike Wadhera, twenty-five years after the introduction of the World Wide Web, the Information Age is coming to an end. Thanks to the extensive usage of mobiles and access to the Internet everywhere, we are now entering what I call the “Experience Age.”

Each era has had its share of problems and based on the available resources and intellectual based talent, solutions were also found. In the same way in today’s context, due to advanced development of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, new technologies, introduction of IOT based devices etc. The challenges of cyber security have also increased manifold. To counter attack these challenges and overcome the security attacks, a major perception shift has to occur to come up with the best possible solution.

We, at Infopercept, have come up with unique strategies and game plans keeping in mind the evolving methods of cyber attacks. The first step is to become an “Ally” to our clients in this fight against Digital Warfare. To be a winner in this war, a good and well-planned strategy has to be designed and deployed at the right place and right time.

Infopercept, has launched “3S IP strategies” and “GAME PLAN” for each strategy to tackle the cyber security threat. Infopercept derived its motivation from the popular 3S concept by James G. Henderson.

Let’s analyze the 3S theory of James G. Henderson theory for better understanding.

3S Understanding is a curriculum structure that was created by James G. Henderson. It is a mixture of three components akin to the three sides of a triangle. The three Ss are Subject Matter, Self-learning, and Social Learning.

When cyber attacks occur, the hackers ensure the attack is from all sides which is termed as the circular effect where the client feels trapped. This can be observed in the 3S concept, where the matter to be addressed is the cyber attack, which leads to understanding and analyzing the attack leading to self learning and ultimately learning about the social impact it could cause.

At Infopercept, we have designed our strategy based on Optimization.

In essence Optimization is the 3S IP.

Strategy + Services + Solutions = Integrated Process / Integrated Platforms (Optimized)

The three-fold strategy adopted by Infopercept is detailed below:

  1. OODAA - Observe, Orient, Decide, Act and Adapt

    • Observe : It covers the part of observing and analyzing the SIEM, its alerts and correlation behaviours.

    • Orient : Based on the SIEM alerts, SOAR-ORIENT is done where it takes in the feedback of playbooks, and other types of automation which are deployed.

    • Decide : Here the process of identifying security solutions and EDR occurs.

    • Adapt : Once the above processes are covered it leads to a circular effect which is then adapted by the SOC.

  2. ODS – Offensive Defensive Solutions - Against All Odds we take care of both the strategies of offensive and defensive through Deception, and Moving Target Defence solutions that will be deployed.

  3. RBAS- Red Teams, Breach & Attack Simulationplay a major role in this strategy.

    • Red Teams : We have specialised security experts, RED team members who will be virtually attacking the networks, email servers and other devices; in short we can say that the Red Team Operations take action by observing and then attacking the existing Life Cycle with time bound framed attributes.

    • Breach and Attack Stimulation : Here a breach is first stimulated then evaluation of the controls occur which helps identify the gaps and then remediate the gaps with insights.

We firmly believe that the above strategy will help our clients to counter the cyber attacks effectively and as an Ally we will be part of the process from start to finish. This is the first of a series of blogs focussing more in detail about the strategies outlined above.