Antidote for WFH2020 Malwares and Advance Attacks

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Covid-19 Epidemic has caused a mysterious situation to arise and disturb the Digital Assets.

Work From Home 2020 Malwares have flooded the cyberworld. Companies were ready and are getting ready with the traditional defenses such as VPN, updated Antivirus, Multi-Factor Authentication and other basics checklist on awareness and compliance. CyberCrooks are targeting Advance Attacks on End Points by Embedding malwares in documents, web links, applications and executing file less and in memory attacks which is the big worry for CIO's and CISO.

Infopercept Antidote for WFH2020 Malwares whitelists your worries, where by our unique approach with the combination of Morphing Application and Moving Target Defence Concept at the end point fights attackers at end point for advance attacks and still not leaving a chance of compromise Infopercept performs same strategy of Physical world in Digital World where we create and isolated environment and conduct compromise assessment for all user coming from vulnerable foreign network before allowing them in the business network.

We create a complete landscape to proactively monitor and protect advance attacks as Individuals foresee Year 2020 as a leap to Cyber Crimes.

The lack of IT resources can worry many companies as they move to enable remote strategies. And when majority of employees are operating outside the company perimeter, managing device sprawl, and patching and securing many endpoints

Becomes a much a bigger challenge for the CEOs and CIOs. According to Global Threat Index of a leading security solutions provider, cyber-criminals are exploiting the global epidemic by spreading malicious activity and launching spam campaigns relating to the outbreak of the virus.

Are Honeypots same as Deception Platforms?
Deception Platforms infopercept
The Deception Era
Deception Era CISO
Deception, the Preferred Method for Detection

Efficient, Scalable, In-Network Threat Detection that changes the asymmetry of an attack.

It is could be defined as the concept of controlling change across multiple system dimensions in order to increase uncertainty and apparent complexity for attackers, reduce their window of opportunity and increase the costs of their probing and attack efforts.

The never ending competition between cyber attackers and cyber defenders has gained unprecedented levels of sophistication and complication. As defenders adopt new detection and response tools, attackers develop various techniques and methods to bypass those mechanisms. And deception is one of the most effective weapons on both sides of the game.

Infopercept believes that Deception techniques have traditionally been among the favorite methods in the attackers arsenal. Surprise and uncertainty provides the attackers with an inherent advantage over the defender, who cannot predict the attackers next move.

Moving Target Defense (MTD) aims at creating asymmetric uncertainty on the attackers side, by changing the attack surface.

This point of view comes from the understanding that absolute security is not an achievable goal; there is an asymmetry between the attackers and the defenders costs and efforts. Therefore, there is a need to implement a new paradigm for changing the costs and efforts in this adversarial game.

Infopercept is committed to support 24*7 Top 7 Cyber security Hygiene Tips to improve the cyber security hygiene during this time