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With the digitalization of banking landscape & functions most of the conventional banking operations are now performed digitally , including Core banking, Net- Banking, Mobile Banking, etc.

Banks need to specially invest in digital and cybersecurity due to the fact that they do daily business involving big data like customers personal information, records, financials, account number, etc.

This acts as a gold mine for any entity in the banking sector and also acts as a prime target for cyberattacks, identity thefts, disruptions like DDoS attacks, server hacking etc; resulting in cybercriminals helping themselves siphoning off huge amounts of money.

In order to safeguard its invaluable data mine a banking organization must have a robust & effective security infrastructure & framework in place. So as to continue & protect its business & intellectual property from falling in the wrong hands.

Industries Infopercept

IT Companies

IT Companies process complex technical data regularly as well as developing various apps for their customer base. These functions require a proactive and robust cybersecurity infrastructure so as to provide the required security for these apps as well as your business operations. The source of these cyberattacks can be from various entities like – Hacker groups, Identity thiefs, Competitor.

A breach of security for an IT company may result in :

  • Loss of confidential data – A security breach can result in compromising of important business & Private data.
  • Loss of trust – A companies customer-base may lose trust in its abilites once aware that their data has been compromised. Resulting in them discontinuing their business and seeking better alternatives.
  • Expensive Recovery cost – In the aftermath of a cyberattack, a company may have to spend a lot on data recovery as well a installing and implementing new and better security framework. This unnecessary expense can be prevented by safeguarding the important domains of your organizations.
Industries Infopercept

Travel & Transaportation Industries

Travel and transportation industries are nowadays collecting various sensitive information from their customer base like important personal data like credit card, passport, etc as well as connecting with various third party service providers like transportation, accommodation, Payment gateways, etc. A critical security breach can not only compromise this data but also cause travel delays & cancellations, delay actual traffic, denial of service for customers resulting in loss of revenue and more importantly reputation for the potential and existing customerbase.

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Government & Public Sector

Cyber intrusions and attacks have increased dramatically over the last few decades, exposing sensitive personal business information, hazarding critical operations & imposing high costs on the organization’s budget.

The emergence of technologies like cloud computing, mobile devices and the ever-expanding network range while increasing the flexibility for scaling your infrastructure but also increases the complexity of protecting sensitive data. The nature of threats have also changed tenfold as new age cyber thieves employ technologically advanced sophisticated tools to take advantage of our growing reliance of network for critical data exchange.

For the Public sector the stakes can’t be higher. The proliferation of hackers, human errors, Bring – your – own - Device (BYOD) initiatives, & the ever increasing and broadening need to share information weighs heavily on government & education organizations & consume substantial resources.

Securing public sector networks require a holistic approach that involves :

  • Personal training and awareness
  • Threat-centric orientation extending beyond standard policies
  • Sharing security intelligence within organizations

Infopercept strives to make its Cybersecurity solutions and offerings less complicated & more practical for Educational and Public sector undertakings.

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With the existent & continuation of digitization in the healthcare domain. The healthcare industry has collected a lot of personal data for their ever- expanding patients like their, personal identity, phone numbers, emails, health records, prescriptions. As of 2019 the threat of cyberattack on hospitals and healthcare industry is at an all time high. There are several high profile cases of cyberattacks targeted at big hospital chains and insurance providers alike involving theft of medical records, ransomware deployment in healthcare equipment like CT scanners. False tumors detection resulting in misdiagnosis of a patient’s diagnosis, just to name a few.

Another reason that healthcare domain act as an easy target for cybercriminals worldwide is that they have not evolved their security approach in conjunction with the cyberattacks strategies. It is still estimated that an average hospital has over 1418 security vulnerabilities which can be exploited easily & that life-saving medical devices like pacemakers are vulnerable to be hacked by a 2000 era cellphone.

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Electronics & High Tech

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Energy & Utilities

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Banking & Capital Markets

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