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Jumpstart Your 2020 : With Cybersecurity Services

At Infopercept we’ve come up with our own concept of “SOS”, standing for Security, Optimization & Strengthen for an organization’s security framework. After working in the digital security domain for nearly a decade, we’re ever striving to know how we can better assist our clients and partners and protect & secure their IP and data integrity. So after looking back & reviewing multiple cases of clients coming to us in a SOS situation which has already cost them tremendously in terms of time, cost and precious resources, not to mention critical business operations downtime. We decided its high time to step in & put a stop to it.

As a company in the cybersecurity domain, we’re constantly discussing & brainstorming the most existential problems faced by businesses in our effort to suitably evolve our approach & services to security solutions, to better serve and safeguard our customers’ interests. Subsequently we zoomed in on the SOS situation and how to effectively prevent an organization from reaching that critical stage of downtime and vulnerability. This is when we came up with the idea “SOS for SOS”. To prevent an SOS we need


2020 Cybersecurity FAQ to help you stay protected

1 : Should you spend on Cybersecurity in 2020.

A : Due to the wide array of Cyberthreats in 2020. We need to constantly be on the lookout to implement the top and full on Cybersecurity Plan and process for the same. On average companies are going to increase their spending by 11% in 2020 compared to 2019.

2 : Which technology is going to be majorly used in 2020 for Manufacturing Industry.

A : SCADA is a technology which is going to be extensively used & adopted for Cybersecurity by the manufacturing industries and companies. SCADA Security frameworks is going to emerge and accelerate the security transformation in the manufacturing industry.

3 : What kind of Cybersecurity is advised to companies in 2020

A : Green SOS or Cybersecurity SOS stands for Secure Optimize & Strengthen & also covers data Integrity, Confidentiality & Availability.It is a proactive measure of security, aiming to prevent businesses or Organizations from entering into a Cyberthreat or data breach SOS situation. Adopting Cybersecurity SOS ensure uninterrupted Business operation, minimizes data loss/ theft, prevents Downtime and ensures optimal ROI from the existing security investments of the Firm.

4 : Which industries are going to be majorly targeted in 2020.

A : Banking, Healthcare & Public Sector are going to be majorly targeted. For more information read our blog on the same. Which details the Cybersecurity statistics for these three industries.