Thu, Apr 15, 2020
on, 11 am, EST time

Webinar on Security Optimization Center

Why You should attend ?

  1. Best Security Optimization Center Practice Sharing from Industry experts to Security ROI.
  2. Real Life, practical scenarios & example for SOC benefits, Implementation & Security Asset Utilization.
  3. Leverage 65 years of combined experience in Successfully implementing SOC in 30 mins.

Our Speakers

Jaydeep R.

SOC Leadership & Strategy over 2 decade of experience in Cybersecurity with over 2 decade of experience in the area of Security Planning & Transformation.

Deepak B.

SOC Director at Infopercept. Having 20+ years of experience in successfully implemented over 1000 projects worldwide.

Annie V.

Extensive experience of successfully handling industry - wide projects from initial stages to successful completion.

Agenda We talk on

  • Cyber SOS Situation
  • Current Threat Landscape
  • Current Challenges
  • Approach to build Effective SOC
  • Architecture Required to Nextgen SOC
  • Process to implement SOC Tools
  • Process to implement SOC Tools
  • Balancing by Onboarding SOC Team
  • Use Case
  • SOC Catalogue and Green SOS Approach
  • Conclusion

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