3 Common Cyber Security Loopholes

On July 11, 2016

Most of the IT companies nowadays opt and work in an AGILE Environment, where the development process changes according to dynamic changes felt in the needs and requirements of the customers.

Due to this dynamic need to adapt to the ever-changing needs the development process has to be equally vigilant and careful regarding the coding that has been done in this AGILE environment. As new demands come up from the client side the developers must strive to meet the expected change in the functional and technical aspects of the application. This preoccupation with the developmental fine- tuning, sometimes neglects and ignore a very critical aspect of the application.

This critical aspect is full end to end security for the app, which may be compromised in the fast effort to generate the deliverables for the deadlines for the apps. These coding loopholes pose serious risk for the data and functional security for the app. Some of the common reasons for this arising are :

  • Not using Data Encryption : One way the development data is compromised is when the developers don’t use encryption to convert their data into something that is unable to be accessed by anyone else without decryption. This can act as a first line of defence in the possibility of a data leak as a hacker wouldn’t be able to decode it.
  • Insecure Codes : As mentioned above the most common cause of data exploit and hacking is by way of insecure source code. It is of paramount importance to employ best industry practices writing codes for your application. You can also use any authorized app to analyse your app for code security. Creating a robust code is much more difficult for hackers to crack.
  • Improper or Lack of Testing : App developers in their quest to meet deadlines consistently may perform minimal testing or may skip it entirely. This lack of code testing can lead to a data breach. An IT company might also take the help of a dedicated third party Security and app testing company who specializes in identifying and combating new and ever-changing security and cyber threats. It is also important to keep up with the latest application Security trends and techniques to better safeguard your app.

To combat the growing threats of Cyberthreats, companies in the mobile app development domain have to realize the value of Security pertaining to their app and invest and utilize best security practices in order to protect their app’s data integrity, Functionality & more importantly their own reputation & to protect their users and their information.