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Various Types of Testing & their Uses


Application testing is a very broad field has many kinds of different types & procedures and kinds that can be used for the testing of a particular type of application. Usually there are two most common form of application testing followed by a very uncommon kind of testing or assessment process. Let us go through each to get a little more insight on them.

  • Dynamic Testing : This is the most preferred type of testing. Dynamic testing is of two types namely :
    1. Authenticated Dynamic Testing : A testing process where the tester has authenticated himself to enter the application by providing a unique key or credentials to satisfy the login requirements of the application.
    2. Non – Authenticated Dynamic Testing : This is a kind of dynamic testing under which a tester accesses a page through url without getting himself authenticated from the login page of the application.
  • Static Testing : Static testing is done for those applications which are large in scope and architecture and we need to search for the vulnerability during the runtime process itself. Static testing is mostly done for very critical processes and application and is not that common in practice.
  • API Security Assessment : Your API facilitates every interaction with the user. So it is paramount to maintain its full endpoint security. API security is the most comprehensive as well as most difficult

Most companies are only concerned about the Dynamic testing of their apps but don’t care much about the Static testing or API testing for the same. Which is quite wrong as without properly implementing & utilizing all 3 of the assessment testing an app’s security can’t be guaranteed.