What is RED TEAM

On November 13, 2017

Joe is a CISO who feels secure & content with the amount of security solutions installed and implemented in his organization. Even his security team is all assured that the security setup is quite impregnable. But he is in for a shock when he gets to know that critical Business information is hacked and the hacker is asking for a ransom to give it back. Don’t worry this is just a scenario but is Unfortunately the situation that Business Security experts across the world have to face when they become complacent with their Business Security Setup.

For many organizations finding vulnerabilities in their security architecture can be a difficult by itself and relying on internal audits to find the various loopholes and vulnerabilities in their currently installed security framework. It is a real concern for top management to gauge if all of their investments into the various security solutions and technologies are actually yielding the expected result in terms of the required protection needs. Therefore to get an accurate, authentic, impartial and transparent security assessment we need an expert third Party cybersecurity partner.

Red Team is one of those exercise in which cybersecurity experts attempt to penetrate and assess the security framework of the company both over the network as well as on the physical location of the organization involving various penetrative and espionage techniques with prior authorization from the company’s top management. Providing a more realistic picture of security readiness by employing various threat actors, equipment & techniques which are unknown to the defenders.

Red Team exercise is a third-party full proof transparent security audit that determines the security level of your infrastructure as well as employee’s awareness regarding the various cyberthreats and latest cybercrimes techniques that are being used by the hackers and attackers to undermine the security framework.

Red team is more oriented towards making the employees more aware about the latest cybersecurity trends and exploitative techniques. As most of the cybercriminals move towards targeting human beings, whether they be employees, managers, as well as others through various hacking techniques such as – fishing, phishing, infected links and getting hardware access for the malware, for instance purposely leaving a pen drive so that the employees of a company might plug it in one of the connected computer or peripherals.

The crux of the Red Team exercise is to assert that security cannot be a sole responsibility of the IT security team of the company, rather it should be taken up with all of the different departments and employees of a company.

With its ultimate aim of working with and bringing all of the stakeholders together and incorporate a company culture where everyone is properly aware of how to defend against potential security breach & know where each other are & what they do to streamline continuous and powerful security framework around your organization.

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