Infopercept, a leader in Managed Security Services, provides both proactive and reactive services in securing your organization’s IT and infrastructure. It includes a range of functions such as securing firewall, inclusion of anti-virus software, vulnerability assessment, managing virtual private networks etc. The main benefit of hiring an MSSP is to take advantage of the level of expertise the security team brings in along with additional staff. This removes the burden on the in-house security of the organization, at the same time providing round the clock security outside normal working hours.

Almost every industry in today’s age and time has seen the upside of technological advancement in the form of booming businesses. At the same time, the advent of digitalization has brought its shares of pitfalls. Industries, especially those dealing with very sensitive information such as the banking industry, healthcare domain or public sector organizations are at high risk from cyber attacks. The attackers hack the network to steal, change or destroy the data. They may even sell it to other criminals or use it for extortion purposes. The losses could run to the tune of millions of dollars depending on the amount of breach that has occurred.

Industries are adept and proficient at running their core businesses while paying minimal attention towards cyber security. Thus by outsourcing their security needs to security providers such as Infopercept, they benefit hugely by saving their time, energy and resources. The organizations can be rest assured their assets and data are in safe hands; and can continue to focus on their core competency. This way the businesses can also reassure clients of the steps taken towards cyber security, thus reposing their trust and reputation in them.