Defence in Depth Extended Detection and Response to Combat Multi-layered Attacks

On April 15, 2022

Defence in Depth Extended Detection and Response to Combat Multi-layered Attacks

Adversaries launch complicated attacks, but their behaviour is very simple. They may use different techniques each time, but their tactics are on a fixed pattern. They enter an organization, establish their foothold, escalate their reach, move laterally, create maximum damage and achieve their objective.

What makes it complicated is the number of ways they can achieve each of the above stated stages. We know they will enter, but what we don’t know from where.

In such a scenario, organizations should not only have a strong detection and response, but they should also have a layer of strong detection and response wherever it is possible. This is called defence in depth where one puts a strong element of detection and response from wherever there is a slight chance of adversaries either entering or gaining their foothold.

With years of experience of working with companies in helping them prevent attacks or minimizing the damage of attacks, Infopercept has enhanced its Invinsense 3.0 platform. This platform has various detection and response tools integrated to form a cybersecurity ecosystem that helps to achieve defence in depth which is also strongly recommended business practice by Gartner.

Invinsense XDR (OODA Strategy) integrates key cybersecurity solutions: SIEM, SOAR, EDR, Case Management, Threat Intelligence, Threat Exchange, and other cybersecurity solutions to improve organizations detection and response.

Invinsense XDR+ (ODS Strategy) integrates Patch management and deception tools to make it harder for adversaries to enter an organization and improve organizations detection and response.

Invinsense OXDR (RBAS Strategy) integrates Vulnerability Management (VM), Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS), and RedOps works to test the effectiveness of security controls and Invinsense XDR.

Invinsense Compliance (GSOS Strategy) help organizations to achieve the necessary compliance needed based on your industry and geography. Platform helps to streamline ISO Security Standards, Privacy Standard, SOC-2, NIST,CMMC, HIPAA Etc. basis the requirements.