Government and Public Sector

Cyber intrusions and attacks have increased dramatically over the last few decades, exposing sensitive personal business information, hazarding critical operations & imposing high costs on the organization’s budget.

The emergence of technologies like cloud computing, mobile devices and the ever-expanding network range while increasing the flexibility for scaling your infrastructure but also increases the complexity of protecting sensitive data. The nature of threats have also changed tenfold as new age cyber thieves employ technologically advanced sophisticated tools to take advantage of our growing reliance of network for critical data exchange.

For the Public sector the stakes can’t be higher. The proliferation of hackers, human errors, Bring - your - own - Device (BYOD) initiatives, & the ever increasing and broadening need to share information weighs heavily on government & education organizations & consume substantial resources.

Securing public sector networks require a holistic approach that involves :

  • Personal training and awareness
  • Threat-centric orientation extending beyond standard policies
  • Sharing security intelligence within organizations

Infopercept strives to make its Cybersecurity solutions and offerings less complicated & more practical for Educational and Public sector undertakings.