Healthcare Domain

With the existent & continuation of digitization in the healthcare domain. The healthcare industry has collected a lot of personal data for their ever- expanding patients like their, personal identity, phone numbers, emails, health records, prescriptions. As of 2019 the threat of cyberattack on hospitals and healthcare industry is at an all time high. There are several high profile cases of cyberattacks targeted at big hospital chains and insurance providers alike involving theft of medical records, ransomware deployment in healthcare equipment like CT scanners. False tumors detection resulting in misdiagnosis of a patient’s diagnosis, just to name a few.

Another reason that healthcare domain act as an easy target for cybercriminals worldwide is that they have not evolved their security approach in conjunction with the cyberattacks strategies. It is still estimated that an average hospital has over 1418 security vulnerabilities which can be exploited easily & that life-saving medical devices like pacemakers are vulnerable to be hacked by a 2000 era cellphone.