Importance of EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) in SOC (Security Optimization Center)

On August 18, 2020

What is the need for EDR?

Anti virus software programs have been largely successful in detecting malware until now, as the anti virus solutions largely depended on signature-based detection and prevention. But with the increase in signature-less threats or fileless-threats, the anti virus programs are no longer viable. Hence arose the need for Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) or Endpoint Threat Detection and Response (ETDR).

Any device such as PCs, mobile phones, workstations or IoT that an end-user uses to connect to the IT network can be termed as an endpoint. As these devices act as gateways to the internet, it is important to secure these endpoints.

The EDR Advantage over traditional Anti Virus Programs:

  • Centralized Management The IT security team manages overall cyber security from a centralized portal. This enables them to monitor all endpoints and keep track of any suspicious activity. Moreover even remote workforces at the endpoints can be handled effectively.

  • Centralized Control of data: It is easy to ascertain what devices can or cannot connect to the endpoints. For instance an USB carrying malicious software can be prevented from installation without permission. They collect and track data concerning possible risks to cybersecurity in the network. The data is collected and processed as an endpoint database. The data stored can be further analyzed to determine the cause of any security problems and also to detect any potential cybersecurity risks.

  • Real-Time Response and Management : All data important to the preparation of effective incident responses shall be collected in real time by EDR solutions.It helps respond to incidents very quickly and prevent the attack from becoming a breach.

  • Suitable for large networks : Organizations usually have networks with thousands of endpoints. Such a huge network scale is at high risk as there are multiple entry points. Traditional antivirus software is not effective enough to provide such large networks with a reasonable degree of protection. EDR solutions are designed primarily to meet the demands of these large networks. Through their design and architecture, they can easily collect and monitor data on all these endpoints on a continuous basis.

  • In-built strong data analytics A good solution for EDR comes with excellent built in data analytics. An EDR not only focuses on endpoints but also on the data, it alerts the IT team of any anomalies. Moreover, you will be notified through a cybersecurity expert when you use a managed EDR service, and you will not have to think about false positives.

In Closing:

At Infopercept, all your security needs are taken care of by the SOC team. All endpoints are made visible and accessible by the use of EDR. This helps track suspicious behaviour at once before any compromise of data occurs. EDR tracks immediate threats and identifies suspicious behaviours and gives you data regarding the attacking adversary and information about the attack.

Although it is tempting to choose the traditional and time tested antivirus programs, it has become quite apparent that it is not enough to tackle the modern day digital threats. Rest assured, EDR is the only way forward to ensure zero impact on all endpoints and Infopercept helps you in keeping your network secure with world class EDR solutions.

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