In House Security Optimization

On September 11, 2020

“Hey, my system has crashed!” There would be instant consternation. “Is my data safe?” “Oh my GOD! My folders, files may be encrypted!” These worried exclamations have become very common and rampant in modern day companies in the midst of digital adoption.

“We don’t know what to do or what actions to take.” Somebody suggests adding more tools to beef up the security system, someone else recommends completely discarding the existing systems and starting from scratch. But my dear friends!, this is not the right decision. We cannot pile up security systems with extra add ons of tools and applications. It is a waste of resources. Instead let’s talk about “Optimization.” Once our team does the survey of the existing security systems, we often realize that it was not due to the failure of the cyber security devices, tools or applications! The system was lacking the optimization of prominent presence of active resources, and they were not effective in taking the right action within reasonable time and this created the negative effects.

“What actions are now required to be embedded permanently so that same scenario doesn’t repeat again?” Let’s focus on how to beat the Maze Mirror walls and come out from the mess securely. It is important to understand and follow the steps listed below accurately.

  • A) - Unbiased audit of the event occurred, and map them in chronological steps.
  • B) - Apply “Peel the Onion” strategy and try to reach the centre of the disastrous event that sparked off the entire malfunction. Spade the situation and try to reach the grass root level of the event that occurred, find the “SEED“ which was spoiled, remove the same and plug the loophole.
  • C) - Try and understand what has to be secured and protected first, as per the requirements of the company.
  • D) - Let’s create the “Red Flag Pop ups” in case the systems are being targeted by the cyber attacks, set the alarms, analyze the points at which the Red Flag alarms has to be mapped and monitor them with the kill pills, viz, follow the process of SIEM, or any other security alert tool deployed in the architecture of your system. Good mapping of the architecture system will ensure that all EndPoints are secured, and will be able to detect any odd activities, and actions can be taken accordingly.
  • E) - Budget constraints should not limit growth. You can easily equip your teams with the latest learning modules and impart training as there are many portals which provide the required information on a “Free Of Cost” basis. This is an ideal way to strengthen the security systems, and in this way knowledge enhancement will also be there and in turn the same will be deployed for a more secured environment.
  • F) - Newton’s 3rd law states that, “Every action has got an equal and opposite reaction.” In the same way for optimizing security, if we take care of the deployment of resources by dividing them into groups, to monitor the malicious activities at different stages, it will definitely reduce and slow down the effect of the cyber security attacks.

To summarize as is often said, that charity begins at home, in the same way we can take steps to use optimization in securing our networks in our own company.