What does the Infopercept collaboration with the open-source automation platform Shuffle intend to achieve?

On April 27, 2022

As part of its efforts to give back to the community of cybersecurity professionals, Global Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) Infopercept Consulting has announced a collaboration with open-source automation platform Shuffle. Infopercept has a rapidly expanding presence across India, Africa, the US, and the Middle East, as well as other geographies. It will allow its senior personnel to contribute to Shuffle, a global open-source automation platform for and by cybersecurity professionals.

Infopercept’s vision and core values revolve around making organizations more secure through the values of Honesty, Transparency, and Knowledge, to enable them to make better-informed decisions about their security practices & goals. With the synergistic vision to combine technical expertise and professional experience, the aim is to establish a place as a one-stop shop for the clients, partners’ cybersecurity, and accreditation needs.

The mission of Shuffle is to make every security operations center share its processes, automation, and detections in a standardized way. Cybersecurity is not a competition between companies, and shouldn’t be treated as such. The focus of Shuffle has moved to an entirely open ecosystem. This includes, but is not limited to; the Shuffle product, open workflows, open apps, and open standards (OpenAPI, Swagger).

The collaboration and partnership with Infopercept are part of Shuffle’s efforts to establish a better relationship with managed service providers globally to gain better insight into corporate cybersecurity practices and challenges.

Similarly, Infopercept’s collaboration allows its personnel, especially those at Invinsense to contribute to the cybersecurity domain in a meaningful way by contributing to Shuffle’s open-source community. Over the years Infopercept has proven to have real focus and expertise in the cybersecurity field, which makes it a perfect match for both the organizations to build the Cybersecurity future.

“Cybersecurity is an ever-evolving field, and it is critical to upgrade oneself through constant learning. This is true even for our senior personnel, who are seasoned professionals with several years of experience in their respective areas of operation. The collaboration with Shuffle will allow them to connect with the latest trends in the domain and help them further improve their own and others’ skillsets. Moreover, the partnership will enable them to fulfill their social responsibility towards the fraternity of cybersecurity professionals by sharing their knowledge and experience”, said Jaydeep Ruparelia, Co-Founder and CEO, Infopercept Consulting.