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Simplifying Cloud Security with Three Terms ‘Code Manage Repeat’
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Cloud security is a joint responsibility. While ‘security of the cloud’ is the responsibility of your cloud provider, ‘security in the cloud’ is your responsibility. Understanding this basic shared responsibility is a must before you go deeper into securing your assets in the cloud.

Invinsense Cloud Security is our consolidated offering of cloud security solutions and services which takes care of your end-to-end security in the cloud in the three steps process: Code Manage Repeat.

Code: Invinsense Cloud Security provides ‘security as a code’ ensuring your applications and cloud infrastructure are fortified against potential threats right from their inception.

Manage: Under manage, Invinsense Cloud Security takes care of cloud detection and response, cloud discovery and exposure management, and cloud security compliances.Invinsense cloud security supports AWS, GCP, Azure, Oracle and all hybrid or multi cloud environments.

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