Invinsense Cybersecurity Newsletter 10-Jan-22


Patch Notes

  • Microsoft issues fix for Exchange Y2k22 Bug That Crippled Email Delivery Service

  • Google Patches 48 Vulnerabilities With First Set of 2022 Android Updates

  • New Apache Log4j Update Released to Patch Newly Discovered Vulnerability

Cyber Attacks

  • LastPass: some users report compromised accounts

  • Chinese Spies Exploit Log4Shell to Hack Major Academic Institution

  • New iLOBleed Rootkit Targeting HP Enterprise Servers with Data Wiping Attacks

Malware and Vulnerabilities

Cyber Tech

  • SAILFISH System to Find State-Inconsistency Bugs in Smart Contracts

  • Detecting Evasive Malware on IoT Devices Using Electromagnetic Emanations

  • Privacy-focused Brave browser records massive growth in 2021

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