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G-SOS strategy is to establish an integrated platform that effectively exhibits a Governance, Risk and Compliance Framework that addresses Cyber Risks at an Organization level and helps the Board / Top Management make decisions on an Ongoing Basis.

This product is a strategic tool focusing on governance, strategy, risk, and compliance. This boardroom tool provides a deep insight into the organizational structure, the vision, the mission, the existing context, the future road map, the plans supporting the strategies, the control system designed and implemented, the metrics, the dashboard, the pivotal risk management component, the communication strategy, the awareness building mechanisms, and the control mapping of various international best practice standards and guidelines etc.

This is an integrated platform designed to integrate all the Compliance related best practices into everyday business processes which is truly the need of the hour.

This platform helps to manage your entire IT landscape, infrastructure, control systems, and people. It creates strong security, does risk management, assurance and compliances across the organization. This helps to streamline the operations, and does effective implementation of various best practice control systems, governance and monitoring through a dashboard which improves the overall health of your system. It is aptly said “What gets monitored and measured, gets improved”.

Organizations can define their own customized control system environment, type of activity, and all kinds of laws and compliance requirements based on standards, guidelines, contractual requirements which need to be implemented internally and enforced across the organization without much pain and effort.

This tool helps to identify and mitigate all types of risk including service delivery risk/ quality risks, security risks, privacy risks, continuity risks, technology risks, logical risks, people risks, and physical and environmental risks. On the whole it helps monitor company-wide strategies for risk management.

Main Modules we focused under G-SOS are;

  • Vision, Mission
  • Enterprise Risk Module
  • Policy & Procedure
  • Culture User Awareness
  • Breach Attack Simulation (Table Top)
  • KPI Dashboards
  • SOS Program Dashboard on progress and plans


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Green Secure Optimize Strengthen

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An introduction to G-SOS (Green - Secure; Optimize and Strengthen) as a Board Room Strategy to combat Cyber Security Risks

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