Free Open Source Software

On September 3, 2021

Infopercept advocates and partners with “Free and Open Source Software (FOSS)” to create freedom for Cybersecurity.

“Necessity” is the mother of invention and not “profit”. This is the major difference between an innovation by the open source community and commercial technology companies. For the past few decades, the open source community has impacted more lives through their innovation than commercial technology companies. In fact, many commercial companies use open source, but never give credit to the community. If somehow, we can measure these commercial companies’ (that use open source) innovations, then the volume of innovations by the community will be huge.

The Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) community has given freedom by its innovations to many lives and their impact has grown each passing year. The impact this technology has had on freedom is huge, and it has helped humans evolve to the next level.

Cyber threats are at an all time high and cybercriminals have converted the digital space into a warfare zone. They are constantly evolving their techniques and procedures to attack organizations. Cybercriminals use an integrated approach which combines humans and automations to launch their cyberattacks.

Over the years, as Infopercept we have helped organizations combat cyber attacks, we have taken cognizance of the understanding of the attacker and have developed and launched Invinsense. Invinsense is an integration of various cybersecurity innovations given by the open source community onto one platform. In cybersecurity, integration and correlation always beat even the best of the hackers breed. If an organization has innovative cybersecurity solutions, yet, if it is not integrated to correlate the intelligence and data these security solutions have; then this best of breed siloed products and services will crumble against sophisticated cyberattacks which are usually more coordinated than the regular cyber defense teams.

Infopercept has leveraged the innovations by leading open source cybersecurity communities including Wazuh, Elasticsearch, ElastAlert, Shuffle, The Hive, Cortex, MISP, Dejavu, and Infection Monkey, for developing Invinsense; which combines various cybersecurity solutions, and integrates them to tackle cyberattacks.

invinsense-partners-with-free-and-open-source-software-to-create-cybersecurity-freedom-1 With Invinsense, Infopercept along with the Free and Open Source community has ensured that organizations do business freely without worrying about cybercriminals.