Invinsense Red Team Breach and Attack Simulation

Cyber attacks are growing steadily in number, strength, and variety. In parallel, even the most sophisticated adversaries are using surprisingly unsophisticated means to wreak damage. Cybercriminals have been able to mimic legitimate user actions and go under the radar of protective measures. Many organizations are beginning to agree that a proactive security strategy is one of the best defenses. Organizations should see where the threats are coming from, how they can move within your network, where the vulnerabilities in your defenses are, find them and close them before cyber attackers take advantage of them.


Infopercept's Red Teaming engagements are designed to achieve specific goals, such as gaining access to a sensitive server or business-critical application. Red teaming projects differ in the core essence of mindset used and are heavily focused on emulating an advanced threat actor using stealth, subverting established defensive controls, and identifying gaps in the organization's defensive strategy. The value of this type of engagement can be derived from a better understanding of how an organization detects and responds to real-world attacks. For a red team assessment to be successful, organizational buy-in is essential from senior management from the very start across departments such as IT, HR and legal.


Infopercept RBAS

Cybersecurity resembles a military drill, where only the latest proactive practices and processes will keep you away from defeat. The military keeps their soldiers on their toes by continuously running wargames; cybersecurity experts should be doing the same by running simulated cyberattacks, which will show attack paths and weaknesses in the IT systems and network. Red Teaming and BAS tools will allow organizations to continually and safely simulate the realistic full attack cycle against their infrastructure, virtual machines, and other means. On the other hand Red Teaming conducted by Infopercept's security experts, will apply their knowledge of how to breach defenses to the task of penetrating an organization's networks.



Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS) solutions represent a new and emerging market, which performs automated security testing. It is challenged by the existing security infrastructure and some model attack chains to identify the most-likely path an attacker would use to compromise an environment.



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Invinsense Red Team Breach & Attack Simulation


Red Team Breach & Attack Simulation

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An introduction to Red Teaming with Breach & Content Attack Simulation Strategy for Strengthening your Cyber Security Posture

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