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Managed Security Services

Cybersecurity Monitoring and Management Services

There is a global need for expertise in managing complex IT Security Infrastructures. Infopercept provides IT Security and Infrastructure services as a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) and is a leading contributor in this segment. Infopercept delivers Managed Security Services globally in line with industry leading security policies, frameworks and technologies. We are powered by an inhouse team of highly competent cybersecurity professionals with vast practical exposure. Our practices have been developed over the years to protect client interests and fulfill their needs.

Continuous Monitoring

Our Managed Security Services offering is highly differentiated as we deliver flexible services which combine security event management, infrastructure monitoring, and incident response for our customers either through remote or on-site response teams. All our activities and processes are defined by precise Service-Level Agreements (SLAs) which are continually monitored and adhered to.

Security Posture

Security Posture determines the overall strength of an organisation's cybersecurity and its ability to predict, prevent and respond to ever-evolving cyber threats. Our Managed Security Services delivers state-of-the-art cybersecurity monitoring and management services. We offer 24/7 round the clock service and are designed to have minimal operational cybersecurity personnel to get an acceptable security posture.

Infopercept has strategically established four unique centers

With a combination of these 4 Centers we ensure

Infopercept QuaXenters

The team of experts at Infopercept ThinkTank strategically established four unique centers to ensure that the entire security landscape is covered for its clients as a One-Stop-Shop solution. Infopercept aspires to be an Ally to your organization with a dedicated team of experts :

Cybersecurity Service

24x7 Security Optimization Center

Our Effective Security Optimization Center (SOC) solution provides you with a peaceful state of mind in terms of your organizational security integrity, enabling you to better focus on the business aspects that matter the most to you allowing for better returns on your investment. A good SOC plan effectively edges out your competition and brings in better comparative revenue. With Infopercept round the clock security optimization, continuous monitoring occurs to be on the lookout for new threats that may arise in the IT Landscape.

Cybersecurity Service

Technology Optimization Center

Technology Optimization Services is done with a group of optimization experts who join hands with the clients, to provide better configuration & optimize the existing security solutions installed by the business. Our Technology Optimization Service is your one stop solution to efficiently optimize & fine-tune the existing solutions and rev them up to ensure and achieve full utilization and efficiency in terms of Cybersecurity Defense of your organization.

Cybersecurity Service

Compliance Optimization Centre

Our Compliance Optimization Services will enforce the best compliance practices of international professional standards. With our services you can be rest assured that your business operations and processes are not affected and are executed in a consistent manner. With experienced professionals who have served across multiple verticals in many industries we provide Compliance Optimization for all.

Cybersecurity Service

Automation Onboarding Center

Cyber attacks are becoming automated and self learning. It is futile to try to fight against machine attacks. Integrating automation into cybersecurity helps not only in preventing security threats, it further helps in reducing the volume of threats and also prevents new and unknown threats.

Our Cybersecurity Services and Products are Empowering Clients Globally

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