News – TimeXtender and Infopercept Partnership

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TimeXtender and Infopercept Partnership

Infopercept today announced a partnership with TimeXtender, a Business Analytics &
Business Intelligence Company.

With this partnership we help you to speed up your process of Decision Making. We will
join together to leverage the power of automation and makes it easy to access, model,
and govern data. Unlike other approaches which require a mix of tools and vendors for
things like scripting, data prep and data blending, we would provide an integrated agile
platform that saves both time and money.

With the help of Infopercept Veteran Team of statistics / Business Experts, it would
help you to evaluate faster your Consumer Business Environment & understanding
more about their organizational Structures. Our approach consists of evaluating
Business Environment to phase wise deployment & execution of Business Analytics.
Also, Discovery Hub™ from TimeXtender brings together the best of both worlds:
Governance and Self Service. It enables business leader to rapidly access and interpret
data they know they can trust. And it frees IT from tedious and redundant tasks that
can readily be automated.

"With this partnership Consumers would get access to complete package of experienced
Team, Product, Business Experts and Infopercept Methodology build by Industry
Veterans would ensure that you can take immediate corrective action and elevate your
company’s performance - and that should be enough reason to user your data to drive
business decisions and build an efficient decision control systems."

Said by Jaydeep Ruparelia - Infopercept