We needed to address the growing and emerging trend of Next gen platform

May 1st, 2019

We needed to address the growing and emerging trend of Next gen platform. There is pressing need that the conventional cybersecurity tools need to be replaced or augmented with AI & automate the repetitive & iterative tasks.

But during our interaction with various CISO, CTO, CIO we learned that starting the journey of Automation onboarding may sound simple. But is quite complex and challenging & Businesses need to really have in depth knowledge of their operations so as to know which tasks need to be automated and which cannot be.

An AOC (Automation Onboarding Center) concept and model was created to solve these problems faced by Organizations and to make it easier to implement Automation across the organization. IT also helps in the following ways :

  • Step by Step to Journey to Automation needs to be planned.
  • Use case to automate a task.
  • To identify what can & can’t be optimized.

Not everything can be automated in a Business. So even if you implement Automation if it is not properly implemented in and for the right tasks and functions then you won’t be getting the required ROI on the automation.

Infopercept’s AOC makes sure that automation onboarding is done in accordance with your Business functions and goals & to take you on an automation Journey which is really effective and efficient for your Business and venture.