Another InfoStealer Enters the Field, ExelaStealer


The InfoStealer market is relatively crowded in 2023. RedLine, Raccoon, and Vidar have a sizable market share, with new entrants like SaphireStealer coming on a regular basis. ExelaStealer, the most recent entry, has now entered the fray. ExelaStealer has very limited context, with the earliest public mentions FortiGuard Labs could find happening in August 2023

.According to FortiGuard Labs research, ExelaStealer is a mostly open-source InfoStealer with premium customizations accessible from the threat actor. It is written in Python, although it uses resources from other languages (such as JavaScript) when necessary. It is capable to stealing sensitive data from a Windows-based host (for example, passwords, credit cards, cookies and session data, and general keylogging).

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