E-Commerce Firms Are Top Targets for API, Web Apps Attacks


According to a recent analysis by Akamai, hackers targeted the e-commerce sector with 14 billion attacks in just 15 months, making it the number one target for web application and API exploits. According to the experts, the volume of assaults on e-commerce businesses is primarily a result of the sector’s digitalization and the vast range of weaknesses that hackers might use in the web applications of their targeted targets.

The top three industries evaluated by Akamai, including retail, lodging, and travel, each experienced 14.5 billion attacks, or more than one-third of all attacks. Financial services came in third with over 7 billion attacks, followed by the high-tech sector in second place with about 9 billion attacks. Steve Winterfeld, CISO of Akamai Advisory, did not anticipate that business would take

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