Google Cloud Unveils New AI-Powered Security Capabilities


The most significant addition to the internet giant’s capabilities is Gemini for Google Cloud, which delivers AI-powered assistance across multiple cloud services and security features available for Google’s enterprise customers.

These include a new assisted investigation capability that provides analysis with recommended actions and allows users to ask for the latest threat intelligence from Mandiant. In addition, users get a conversational search across Mandiant’s threat intelligence repository, and the ability to search for threats using natural language.

For developers, Google has a code assistant to help them build applications faster and allow them to adopt AI assistance at scale. Called Gemini Code Assist, the capability provides full codebase awareness, supports code customization, and sources data from a broad range of partners.

The Advanced API Security feature is now available in preview for customers looking to identify misconfigured APIs and eliminate potential risks.

Organizations relying on Google Cloud for confidential computing benefit from expanded hardware options (Intel TDX, AMD SEV-SNP, and NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs) and support for live data migrations.

The internet giant also announced the general availability of Chrome Enterprise Premium, which brings endpoint security to its web browser.

Additionally, Google launched applied threat intelligence to help security teams uncover more threats. It also announced the general availability of a new cloud risk-management solution, and introduced a series of new security features across IAM, network, and data security.

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