GPT4 used to translate medical jargon into layman’s terms


NYU Langone Health began working with OpenAI’s GPT4 generative model last year, developing a specialized version of the tool.

Researchers tested the adapted GPT4 tool to see how well it could convert 50 sets of patient discharge notes into user-friendly language that could be easily understood by them.

“Specifically, running discharge notes through generative AI dropped the reports from an eleventh-grade reading level on average to a sixth-grade level, the gold standard for patient education materials,” said NYU Langone.

The study’s authors believe that doing this will help to alleviate anxiety among patients, who are often confounded by technical language used by physicians to summarize their conditions.

“GPT4 worked well alone with some gaps in accuracy and completeness, but did more than well enough to be highly effective when combined with physician oversight, the way it would be used in the real world,” said senior study author Dr Jonah Feldman of NYU Langone Health.

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