Indian Government, Oil Companies Breached by 'HackBrowserData'


India’s government agencies and energy companies are under threat from an espionage campaign employing an open-source information stealer dubbed “HackBrowersData.” Disguised as an invitation from the Indian Air Force, the phishing email was the entry point for the modified information stealer, capable of gathering user credentials, cookies, and browser history. Researchers at EclecticIQ uncovered the threat, which utilized Slack channels for exfiltrating stolen internal documents, emails, and browser data, with each channel named “FlightNight,” leading to the moniker “Operation FlightNight.” The targeted entities included those responsible for IT governance, national defense, and electronic communications, with financial documents, PII, and energy-related data also at risk. A total of 8.81 GB of data was exfiltrated, raising concerns about further intrusions into India’s government infrastructure. EclecticIQ has shared its findings with Indian authorities to aid victims of these attacks.

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