Lapsus$ hackers took SIM-swapping attacks to the next level


After researching easy methods used by the Lapsus$ extortion group to penetrate dozens of firms with high security standards, such as SIM swapping, the U.S. government published a study. Microsoft, Cisco, Okta, Nvidia, T-Mobile, Samsung, Uber, Vodafone, Ubisoft, and Globant are just a few of the well-known companies hit by Lapsus$.

Reviewing the group’s operations began in December of last year after a long line of occurrences that Lapsus$ was blamed for or asserted after releasing confidential information from purported victims. A loosely structured group called Lapsus$, with members in both the U.K. and Brazil, is stated as having acted between 2021 and 2022 for publicity, financial gain, or amusement. But they also blended variously complicated procedures with “flashes of creativity.”

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