Leen Banks Early Stage Funding for Data Security Technology


The early stage startup said the financing was provided by 11.2 Capital, Inner Loop Capital and Preface Ventures.

The company cited data showing that cybersecurity defenders use more than 10,000 security tools from about 4,000 vendors, leading to chaos as organizations struggle to manage product deployments.

Leen is positioning itself as a “Plaid for security data”, serving as a centralized hub for aggregating, de-duplicating, and standardizing data from multiple security tools.

In a statement announcing the capital raise, Leen said unified APIs and common data models play crucial roles in enhancing security operations by helping with interoperability, consistency, and efficiency across various security tools and systems.

The idea is to offer a single integration point, reducing the complexity of managing multiple APIs and integrations. n addition, Leen said its common data model tailors to specific sub-categories within the security landscape (think VMS, IAM, Endpoint, MDM, etc), incorporating data from a range of security products including Qualys, Tenable, Snyk, Crowdstrike, SentinelOne and Microsoft Defender.

the company mission is to be the common data layer that connects tools from across the security stack, clearing up resources for vendors and security teams to focus on building their platforms, apps and internal security programs.

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