MANAGEMENT & STRATEGYRefocusing on Cybersecurity Essentials in 2024 A Critical Review


It’s a good idea to take stock of the cybersecurity situation as we head toward 2024. We can set a course to reduce the likelihood of becoming victims of data breaches in the following year by using the insights from the previous 12 months. Ransomware attacks, as demonstrated by events such as ESXiArgs, LockBit 3.0, and attacks on industrial organizations, continued to be the leading cyberthreat in 2023.

Rising to the top as the reason for cyber insurance claims. Furthermore, third-party cloud risks (like the Microsoft Cloud email hack) and zero-day vulnerabilities in supply chains (like MOVEit, Barracuda Email Security Gateway Appliances, Trend Micro Apex One, and Cisco IOS XE) presented new difficulties.

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