Moroccan Charged With OpenSea NFT and Crypto Theft


Four accusations have been brought against a Moroccan individual in connection with a plot to steal non-fungible tokens (NFT) and bitcoin valued at about $500,000 from a US victim. In order to get access to the cryptocurrency wallets of his victims and steal their money and NFTs, Soufiane Oulahyane, 25, is accused of running a phishing website that impersonated the NFT marketplace OpenSea.

Less on dangers from NFT: The UK’s NFT Fraud 400% increase in 2021. Around September 2021, Oulahyane made advantage of sponsored advertising to guarantee that his phishing website would show up first in search results for “OpenSea.” According to the Justice Department (DoJ), victims went to the fake website as usual, thinking they were dealing with the genuine thing, and submitted their login information only to have it sent directly to Oulahyane.

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