OnlyDcRatFans Malware Distributed Using Explicit Lures of OnlyFans Pages and Other Adult Content


Both our enemies and we dont work a 9 to 5 schedule. Elite Threat Hunters and Cyber Analysts working in our 24/7 SOCs at eSentire quickly identify, investigate, contain, and respond to attacks. The Kaseya MSP breach and the more_eggs malware are two of the most dangerous threats and nation-state strikes in our area that we have found.

Our Threat Response Unit, or TRU team, supports our Security Operations Centres with threat intelligence, tactical threat response, and advanced threat analytics. The Threat Response Unit (TRU) of eSentire publishes a synopsis of a recent threat investigation in TRU Positives. We describe our responses to the confirmed threat and offer suggestions for the future.

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