Ransomware Attacks on Microsoft Cloud's Versioning Feature are Likely


The greater the company’s size, the more serious the effects of a cyberattack will be. This time, Microsoft’s cloud versioning capability is up against it, as encryption risks loom over the company’s cloud information. Researchers fear that ransomware gangs could use the versioning capability of Microsoft’s SharePoint and OneDrive services to encrypt files. Without separate backups or a decryption key, this would leave them unrecoverable.

The attack produces cloud backups of previous file versions by using the versioning (or autosave) capability for files modified on OneDrive or SharePoint. A ransomware organisation might change the versioning limit of files by hijacking a user’s SharePoint Online or OneDrive accounts, according to a cybersecurity firm. Threat actors may encrypt the file more than once once the versioning limit has been adjusted. Read More…