Realtek Vulnerability Under Attack Over 134 Million Attempts to Hack IoT Devices


Since the beginning of August 2022, a major Realtek Jungle SDK remote code execution vulnerability has being weaponized more often, according to researchers. Palo Alto Networks Unit 42 reports that as of December 2022, the continuing campaign has 134 million exploit attempts, with 97% of the attacks taking place in the previous four months. The United States (48.3%) was responsible for over half of the assaults, followed by Vietnam (17.8%), Russia (14.6%), The Netherlands (7.4%), France (6.4%), Germany (2.3%), and Luxembourg (1.6%).

Threat actors are utilizing this vulnerability to launch widespread assaults on smart devices all across the world. “Many of the attacks we witnessed sought to transmit malware to infect susceptible IoT devices,” the researchers wrote.

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