SpyNote Android Spyware Poses as Legit Crypto Wallets, Steals Funds


The notorious SpyNote Android spyware returns, exploiting Accessibility APIs to target crypto wallets and unsuspecting users, ultimately stealing their cryptocurrency.The Android spyware SpyNote developers are now considering cryptocurrencies, extending beyond mere credentials spying to initiate cryptocurrency transfers, revealed the latest research report from FortiGuard Labs.Researchers noted that Spynote, a notorious Remote Access Trojan (RAT), is now targeting “famous crypto wallets” by abusing the Accessibility API. The API’s job is to automatically perform UI actions, such as recording device unlocking gestures and is mainly helpful for people with disabilities.The malicious code abuses the Accessibility API to automatically fill out a form and transfer cryptocurrency to cyber criminals. It reads and memorizes the destination wallet address and amount, and replaces it with the attacker’s crypto wallet address.The information is sent to a remote server with which the malware has established a connection already to complete the action. It is worth noting that the entire act is completed automatically, without alerting the user.

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