Sumsub Deepfake Detection combats AI-driven identity fraud


Sumsub’s Deepfake Detection feature represents a significant leap forward in combating AI-driven identity fraud, particularly as fraud tactics become increasingly sophisticated. In the last year, Sumsub carried out over a million video identity checks for firms, securely verifying their clients’ end-users.

Along the way, Sumsub’s AI and ML team noticed a pattern in video verification interviews being susceptible to deepfake attacks, and therefore decided to reinforce its existing Video Identification solution with the Deepfake Detection feature.

This follows the launch of Sumsub’s enhanced Deepfake Detection Solution, embedded in its in-house Liveness product. Unlike methods that focus on detecting deepfakes within static images or recorded videos, Sumsub’s new solution operates in real-time during video interviews, further securing the identification process. The enhanced deepfake detection technology is designed to identify and thwart fraudsters attempting to manipulate real-time video interviews for malicious purposes.

Video identity verification is mandatory in a number of jurisdictions, including Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Estonia. However, it can also be used as a reputable last resort for user verification in most markets, when businesses want to assure an additional layer of security during onboarding. Therefore, it’s crucial firms can detect deepfakes throughout this process.

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