Our Partnerships

April 25, 2022

Our Partnerships | Infopercept

Collaboration is at the heart of Infopercept. We believe that in the 21st Century and beyond, businesses have to partner with each other to move forward. Partnerships are not just cost effective and productive, but an effective and efficient model of doing business. We have several partnerships that have been nurtured over the years and we are proud of each one of our partnerships. We hold our partners from the open source community with highest regards as most of these partners are building green field products and services that are providing cutting edge solutions in the domain of information security.

Infopercept has a deep rooted collaboration with the open source automation platform Shuffle. The collaboration enables our personnel, especially our team at Invinsense to contribute to the cybersecurity domain in an efficient manner, by contributing to Shuffle’s open source community. In-fact, Shuffle is the heart of Invinsense. This partnership has a special place among our partnerships, as it is a part of our efforts to give back to the community of cybersecurity professionals.

Another partnership with NeuVector had been announced just weeks after we launched Invinsense, our integrated cybersecurity platform. Infopercept has also partnered with other leading open source cybersecurity communities including Wazuh, Elasticsearch, ElastAlert, Shuffle, The Hive, Cortex, MISP, Dejavu, and Infection Monkey, to develop Invinsense, which combines various cybersecurity solutions, and integrates them to tackle cyberattacks.

We have also initiated our partnership programs to further establish our presence across India, Africa, US, and Middle East, as well as other geographies, which will allow our team to deliver Managed Security Solutions to more clients and companies around the globe.

Besides Global Reach and Marketing and Sales support, we also have an experienced set of cybersecurity professionals who help in delivering services and solutions to our clients by using products and solutions from our Partners.

Our partners are carefully selected with a lookout for synergistic thought process and sharing of mission statements. We look at common outlook and shared vision with more emphasis on it compared to some other factors like company size or years of experience. We want to work with teams who can contribute and help us gain better feedback on corporate cybersecurity practices and challenges.

“Infopercept has proven to have a genuine interest and expertise in the cybersecurity field. Its expertise in cybersecurity, technology, sales, and marketing, as well as cybersecurity focused vision make it a perfect match for Shuffle to build the future of cybersecurity. It was exactly the kind of alliance we were looking for, and with a shared vision, we will get more done together,” said Fredrik- Co-Founder and CEO of Shuffle.

Our Integrated Cybersecurity platform - Invinsense combines the offensive and defensive strategies to offer cybersecurity strategy, services, and solutions. Invinsense combines the various open-source cybersecurity technologies for developing the most advanced and integrated cybersecurity platform to deliver cost effective and robust solutions to our customers.

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