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All organizations are just a single data breach away from being the lead story on the news and social media, which can severely damage an organization's brand reputation. Regular security assessments helps in identifying your most significant vulnerabilities. You can thus focus on targeting opportunities for improvement that offer the highest return on investment.

Infopercept's Technical Assessment Services provides key "inputs" of a security roadmap; where a thorough cyber security assessment evaluates your organizations's technology, policies, and awareness.

In order to understand the security needs of an organization, it is important to study in depth the organization's profile and its vulnerable areas. Infopercept's Security Assessment Services delivers the best possible service by using a combination of standardized methodologies along with it's own internal processes.

Our security assessment consists of a number of key areas. The primary one is to create a core assessment team followed by other steps such as reviewing the existing security policies, understanding the threat areas and vulnerabilities, estimating the impact, penetration testing and social engineering.

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) in simple terms is a security testing service that identifies the exposed and defenceless areas in the security.

It's important to understand VAPT services and the differences between them, in order to ensure that organizations choose the right type of assessment for their needs.

Application Security Review

Application Security (AppSec) is one of the most important components in the application development life cycle as hackers are increasingly targeting applications with their sophisticated attacks.

It is making sure that the security of an application is more secure by identifying, rectifying and taking preventive action

Network Security Architecture Review

Over the years, the Business IT Landscape of all organizations has evolved with the changing business needs; with security being given the least thought.

The evolving business IT landscape will most likely result in misconfigurations which won't be as per the industry's best practices to quickly resolve security concerns faced.

OT-IoT Security Testing

With the lightning pace at which technology is advancing in today's world, Cybersecurity Researchers have a hard time coming up with a universal and standardized form of a cybersecurity framework that can be implemented across all the new and next generation platforms.

Some of the Next Generation technologies that have come up on the CenterStage in a relatively short timeframe are IoT, Cloud & Blockchain.

Red Team

Red teams are often referred to as a team or a group that help organizations to improve by providing opposing views to the organizations they are helping.

This helps as it is not easy for organizations to find their weakness or vulnerabilities by themselves. Moreover, it is not advisable to rely on internal audits alone to find loopholes.

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