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Kick 2020 off with Cybersecurity SOS


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Securing your Business with SOS

Originally SOS is a critical stress signal given by an entity in an emergency situation. It is an acronym for “Save our souls” that signals the need for help to survive a critical life or death situation.

At Infopercept we’ve come up with our own concept of “SOS”, standing for Secure, Optimize and Strengthen, with perspective of an organization’s security framework. After working in the digital security domain for nearly a decade, we are forever striving to know how we can better assist our clients and partners and protect and secure their IP and data integrity. A number of clients have been coming to us in an SOS situation. This has already cost them tremendously in terms of time, cost, and precious resources, not to mention critical business operations downtime. After reviewing these cases we decided it was high time to step in and put a stop to it.

As a company in the cybersecurity domain, we are constantly discussing and brainstorming the most existential problems faced by businesses in our effort to suitably evolve our approach and services to security solutions, to better serve and safeguard our customers’ interests. Subsequently we zoomed in on the SOS solution and how to effectively prevent an organization from reaching that critical stage of downtime and vulnerability. This is when we came up with the idea “SOS for SOS”. To prevent an SOS type of emergency we need a “Secure -Optimize-Strengthen” approach for an organization’s security.

This Security SOS designed by Infopercept provides proper and robust Security for organizations lacking one;

Secure : In this we seek to fine tune and optimize the available security resources and infrastructure leveraging them to achieve the most efficient and effective security possible.

Optimize : Then comes the optimization part where the conducted business’s security framework assessment leaves us wanting in terms of required security. Thereby we can add more security tools and techniques into the existing Security framework which is needed to effectively combat potential threats.

Strengthen : We seek to strengthen the security networks using a combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation.

Therefore Integrating and implementing this SOS plan in your business’s framework is vital and the single- most important step that you need to take to ensure uninterrupted business operations and revenue generation and to stay one step ahead of digital attackers and hackers as well as safeguarding your invaluable business information.


What Are the Primary Benefits of Having a Security Operations Center?

Q: What Are the Primary Benefits of Having a Security Operations Center?

A: It is a preventive measure that stops a business or Organization from entering into a Cyberthreat or data breach SOS situation. Adopting Cybersecurity SOS ensures uninterrupted business operations, minimizes data loss/ theft, prevents downtime and ensures optimal ROI from the existing security investments of the firm.

Q: What is Infopercept Green SOS?

A: Green SOS or Cybersecurity SOS stands for Secure, Optimize and Strengthen and also covers Data Integrity, Confidentiality and Availability.

Q: Who Requires Cybersecurity SOS?

A: Anyone who wants a stable and risk-free business operation will be benefitted by the adoption of Cybersecurity SOS. It is paramount for businesses having critical data generation and storage like BFSI, Healthcare and IT Companies to give special consideration to the complete IT Security landscape of the company. Cybersecurity SOC is also required for companies who need to get full optimization from their existing security.

Q: How is Cybersecurity SOS Implemented?

A:Implementing all of the Security Access controls and Compliances is a comprehensive effort involving all of the stakeholders of a company. This cannot be done instantly and needs to be planned & coordinated in a 3 Phase journey. These are

Secure – Conducting an all comprehensive threat detection of a company’s IT landscape & providing the needed security recommendation.
Optimize – Correctly integrating, optimizing and configuring the current security assets of the Company providing maximum ROI.
Strengthen – Onboarding AI and automating the repetitive security tasks for the company.