Cybersecurity with an attacker’s mind and a defender’s brain

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Breaches occur due to the following reasons

No proper audit or strategy to improve cybersecurity posture
A gap between the attacker’s action and the defender’s response
Not using offensive security to test defensive security
Invinsense GSOS and Compliance
Improve your cybersecurity posture with compliance and strategic planning.

Be prepared for a cyberattack and never be under the illusion of protection.

Invinsense OXDR and OMDR
Invinsense Offensive Extended Detection and Response and managed services

Test your systems by acting like an attacker and accelerate the threat detection process.

Invinsense XDR, XDR+, MDR and MDR+
Invinsense Extended Detection and Response and managed services

Constantly improve your cybersecurity posture by combining ‘attacker’s mind’ and ‘defender’s brain’. Design proactive responses to every action of an attacker.

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Invinsense XDR & MDR

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Invinsense Extended Detection and Response (XDR) is one of the most comprehensive XDR solutions available, integrating key defensive cybersecurity solutions such as SIEM, SOAR, EDR, Case Management, Threat Intelligence, and Threat Exchange. These solutions share intelligence with each other, forming the "defender's brain" of your cybersecurity defence.

Invinsense MDR is our managed service designed to manage your existing XDR or Invensense XDR. Our Blue Team, consisting of veteran security professionals, becomes an extended team of your security and helps you with detection and response and threat hunting 24x7.

Under Invensense MDR, we provide automated detection and response, automated and human-led detection and response, and human-led threat hunting

Invinsense XDR+ & MDR+

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Invinsense Extended Detection and Response Plus (XDR+) adds a layer of deception to your detection and response, as well as includes patch management. Deception includes two components: 'Network Deception' and 'Endpoint Deception.' Network deception allows you to deploy various decoys in your network, while endpoint deception allows you to alter assets with decoys to set a trap for adversaries. Deception adds the layer of the 'attacker's mind' to your cybersecurity defence, improving your detection and response for threats missed by XDR.

Invinsense MDR+ is our managed services that helps you with patch management and deception. Our purple team either use your own solution or bring Invinsense XDR+ in case you don’t have any solution for patch management and deception.

Invinsense OXDR & OMDR

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Invinsense Offensive Extended Detection and Response (OXDR) consists of tools and people that help you test your system for vulnerabilities in people, processes, and technology. It combines everything needed to test your environment under stress and mature it. OXDR includes Red Teaming, Continuous Automated Red Teaming (CART), RedOps, Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS), Vulnerability Management, and DevSecOps.

Invensense OXDR helps you with real 'attacker's action' and continuously improves your cybersecurity posture.

Invinsense OMDR helps you carry out offensive security operations. Our Red Team performs offensive security operations to test your systems for vulnerabilities. This service adds a human layer to Continuous Automated Red Teaming (CART), RedOps, Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS), Vulnerability Management, and DevSecOps. This helps you measure the actual 'Mean Time to Detect' and 'Mean Time to Respond' of your existing defensive security, ultimately improving your cybersecurity posture.

Invinsense GSOS & Compliance

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Invinsense GSOS is an intuitive platform that integrates all compliance-related best practices with business processes. The platform has seven simple modules that help you achieve relevant security compliance with ease and accuracy.

The key modules are defining objectives (vision and mission), risk management, policy procedure automation, cybersecurity awareness, tabletop exercise and evidence management, CISO dashboard, and project management.

Under compliance services, our Pink Team helps you with all kinds of security compliances that your organization needs to adhere to according to your vertical and geography