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About Us

Infopercept has perfected
the Cybersecurtiy Kick
Bruce Lee Infopercept

"I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times."

"Bruce Lee"

Infopercept’s Vision and core values revolve around making organization more aware and secure through the core values of Honesty, Transparency and Knowledge, so as to enable them to make better informed decision about their Security Practices & goals. With our synergistic vision to combine, technical expertise and professional experience we aim to further establish our place as a one stop shop for our clients and partners’ cybersecurity and accreditation needs.

Our specialized core team comprises of experienced veterans, technical experts & security enthusiasts having good practical experience & continuous knowledge in the Cybersecurity domain, latest trends and Security innovations, ensuring that you always get the best security approach & solution for your specific business needs exactly the way you want it to be.

Our Advisors
& Mentors


Subbu Subramanian

SUBRAMANIAN (Subbu) has played leadership roles in various IT majors for over 20 years. He has considerable experience in mentoring & holistic development of high performance team’s of all sizes working directly under him or otherwise. He tries to help in terms of enhancing efficiencies and competencies of teams to improve productivity and to meet and overachieve organizational goals.

Dr SC Kukreti

Dr. S. C. Kukreti

Dr S.C. Kukreti is an Eminent Medical teacher & Surgeon graduated 1961 from Lucknow University king ST. George Medical College, Lucknow, From where he also completed his post-Graduation in 1964. Going on to later join the premiere institute All India Medical Institute, New Delhi.

Dr Jignasu Yagnik

Dr. Jignasu Yagnik

Dr. Jignasu Yagnik is Ph.D.(Management) & a recognizable face in the IT industry. Having more than 25 years of work experience in Information Technology Applications & Management, Quantitative techniques and Computer Aided Statistical Analysis.

Dr Shirish Kashikar

Dr. Shirish Kashikar

Dr. Shirish Kashikar has career in journalism & academics spanning over 15 years. After completing his Masters in English Literature, he completed his Masters in Mass Communication & Journalism with first rank in the university. He started his career as a reporter cum sub editor.

Lt Col Sehsa sai

Lt Col Sehsa Sai (Retd.)

Lt Col Sehsa Sai (Retd.) is an Ex-Army Officer having vast experience which includes planning of cantonments, execution of civil engineering projects, Land acquisition approvals, development and monitoring of huge construction projects.







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We know that our differences make all the difference.

Free Thinking approach

At Infopercept we promote the concept of Free thinking over conventional methods to problem solving

Cross Team Integration

We allow cross functional team integration where everyone contributes and learn

Multidimensional Growth

Cross functional team involvement creates an environment for multidimensional knowledge exchange

Regular Handholding

We believe in providing careful support and guidance to our family members during a learning process or change

Team Building Activities

We Regularly conduct Various Team Building and engagement activities to promote team cohesion and spirit

Clients & Partnership

we're proud to work
with great brands